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Orthodontic Experts provide treatment for all ages. Whether you need braces for yourself or your child, all of our orthodontists are specialists and professionals in completing their jobs with the best results. No matter, if you are looking for the alignment of a tooth, correction of bite, improvement of smile or an aesthetically beautiful jawline, our best orthodontists in Schaumburg provides top-quality patent-first orthodontic treatment with commitment to the high standards of ethics, comfort and astonishing results.

Orthodontic Experts offers:

A wide choice of customized orthodontic treatment options in Schaumburg that fit your needs and budget is available at orthodontic experts. At Orthodontic Experts of Arlington Heights we use a variety of treatment options, including traditional orthodontic braces, clear aligners, lingual braces, various removable and fixed orthodontic appliances, interceptive orthodontic treatment, surgical orthodontics (corrective jaw surgery), dentofacial orthopedics, and cleft lip and palate treatment. We emphasize individualized, science-based treatment for every patient. Convenient appointment hours including nights and weekends are available in our Arlington Heights office.

Professionally trained Staff

All of our orthodontists in Schaumburg are certified by the American board of orthodontists which means you are in the hands of industry best professionals as only 40% of the graduates get this certification from the board. You are rest assured that you are in the safe hands and get exceptional services from exceptional orthodontists. Our staff uses the latest technology with their wide experience and turns your dental problems into lifelong solutions.

Save Your Time and Money

Our orthodontist Schaumburg is dedicated to making your visit a relaxing, comfortable experience. We can help you and your family receive great orthodontic treatment at affordable prices.

Popular orthodontic treatments include:

Your Schaumburg orthodontist provides a wide range of orthodontic treatment in Arlington Heights;

Some of the orthodontic treatments include:

  • Traditional Metal Braces in Schaumburg
  • Iconix Braces in Schaumburg
  • Clear Aligners Treatment in Schaumburg

Your treatment plan is decided after your first consultation that is absolutely free of cost. In your initial visit, our orthodontist will explain all the treatment options available to treat your malocclusion and we will discuss the cost of your treatment and each financial option available to you. We offer no money down, interest free financing for up to sixty months. We also accept all the major orthodontic insurance plans to make it easier for you to achieve the small you deserve.

We; as a team, work for the goal to ensure you get the beautiful, straight smile in a pocket-friendly way. We always value the money and time our patients spend with us.

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It doesn’t worth delaying your beautiful smile, so book a no cost consultation with our orthodontist in Schaumburg today and find out how Orthodontic Experts can help you or your child smile with confidence! Our Arlington Heights Orthodontic office is located only 20 minutes drive from Schaumburg.

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