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Orthodontists in Sycamore welcome patients of every age and intend to serve them with their specific needs. Orthodontic Experts believe every patient needs a perfect smile and straightened teeth; this is why their clinics are equipped with all the advanced orthodontic appliances. The team of highly qualified experts puts in great effort to complete the treatment process in the minimum possible time.

What do we offer to the patients in Sycamore?

At the clinic of Orthodontic Experts in Sycamore, we believe that serving our patients with the perfect smile is the best thing we can do. However, we can confidently say that our orthodontist team is successful enough to gain the trust of a good number of patients residing in sycamore. We not only sell our services through our words, but the list of satisfied patients is proof of the quality of our services. Moreover, we are offering the effective treatment of traditional metal braces and the advanced treatment of Iconix and clear aligners to patients of every age; that includes Kids, teens, adults, and older adults. All the treatments at our clinics are provided in a friendly and peaceful environment to make the patients feel comfortable getting their orthodontic treatment from us. At the same time, the best part of our services is that we provide all our treatments at highly reasonable rates, which will keep the patients stress-free when acquiring our services.

Directions to our Sycamore

Head south on Somonauk St toward W Elm St – 1.6 mi
Turn right onto Bethany Rd – 1.0 mi
Turn left onto Klein Rd – 0.3 mi
Turn right onto Gateway Dr – 0.6 mi
Turn right – 56 ft
Turn left – Destination will be on the right – 3 ft
Head south on Somonauk St toward W Elm St – 410 ft
Turn right onto W Elm St – 0.1 mi
Continue onto Dekalb Ave – 1.1 mi
Turn left onto S Peace Rd – 1.0 mi
Turn right onto Bethany Rd – 0.1 mi
Turn left onto Klein Rd – 0.3 mi
Turn right onto Gateway Dr – 0.6 mi
Turn right – 56 ft
Turn left – Destination will be on the right – 3 ft
Head west on W State St toward N California St – 1.2 mi
Turn left onto S Peace Rd – 1.9 mi
Turn right onto Bethany Rd – 0.1 mi
Turn left onto Klein Rd – 0.3 mi
Turn right onto Gateway Dr – 0.6 mi
Turn right – 56 ft
Turn left – Destination will be on the right – 3 ft

Sycamore, IL to Dekalb

Treatment Options

Orthodontist Sycamore offers

Never underestimate yourself for anything just because of your age. You can achieve your dreams at any age you want. Your age should never be the hurdle in achieving your goals. Specifically, if we talk about getting a perfect smile, then you have all the right to smile wider and brighter with the help of the advanced appliances provided by us at the Orthodontic Expert clinic in Sycamore. You can also look at the treatment options available at our clinics.

Traditional Metal Braces

These are the most common types of braces that people for a long time have been using. However, the years of usage did not let the importance and effectiveness of these braces; end, but with each passing year, these braces have widely spread globally. Similarly, the people of Sycamore are amazed to use these braces for their crooked, crowded, or severely misaligned teeth. The braces are metal wires, brackets, and attachments attached to the teeth' surface using an orthodontic adhesive.

Iconix Braces

These Iconix braces are the best option for people concerned about maintaining the aesthetics in everything. The braces are made of stainless steel, making them look just like new even by the end of the treatment. Also, the color used in these braces combines champagne and rose gold, making braces look sophisticated. The look of these braces in Sycamore is one reason that attracts the people residing here to get their treatment via Iconix.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners in Sycamore is made explicitly for sensitive individuals who never like carrying the braces on their teeth to align them. The clear aligners helps them to cure their misaligned teeth by being the invisible braces for them. The clear aligners is made of plastic trays fixed to the teeth to straighten them, and these trays are developed using the advanced technology of 3D, which helps them get removed and placed back easily by the patients themselves.

Orthodontic Treatment

options in Economical Rates

To make things easily affordable for the patients of Sycamore, the orthodontists have worked out effective payment plans. The plans are being designed to ease the problem of almost every other patient. We offer all our orthodontic treatments at affordable rates, but if it is still a problem for the people to pay the charges, we have other options for them. The health insurance cards are being accepted at our clinic, so this will cover the significant expense of the treatment and won’t leave any burden on the patient’s shoulder. However, if you don’t have a health insurance card, you can opt for the option of monthly installments and split down your expenses to remain stress-free. Now, there is no reason left for you to procrastinate your needful orthodontic treatment, so get it started at the earliest.

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