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With our professionally expert team and state-of-the-art technology, we strive to set high standards of orthodontic care as the best orthodontist in sycamore. We feel proud to serve patients of all ages from child and kids to teens and adults and understand the different needs and preferences for each category. If you or your child has got a problem in biting, crooked teeth, crowded or spaced teeth, you don’t need to worry as our Sycamore orthodontist has got all the skills and technological equipment to conduct all the possible treatments that are known as best to solve all orthodontic problems. Our focus is on bringing the smiles back to our patients and instill confidence in them.

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Best orthodontic treatments in Sycamore

When you visit our clinic, for a free consultation, our orthodontist will perform a careful examination of your teeth and suggest a treatment which is most suitable for you. We offer everything from old traditional metal braces to highly advanced iconix and invisalign aligners.

Traditional braces in Sycamore

This is the old yet mostly preferred type of orthodontic braces in sycamore. Patients specially teen patients prefer it more as now it comes with the availability of color selection for the rubber bands involved in these braces. You can choose your own favorite color and keep them changed with each visit, if you wish to. This is the most trusted and highly effective braces type in sycamore.

Invisalign treatment in sycamore

Invisalign in sycamore is a latest type of orthodontic braces which involve almost invisible aligners making you confident with your life roles. All those patients who cannot afford a change in their personality are the best candidate for invisalign treatment in sycamore. They are fast, reliable, removable and easy to manage orthodontic treatment which keeps a patient comfortable during the treatment. 

  • In addition to these orthodontic treatment, we also offer, interceptive orthodontic treatment, surgical orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics, and cleft lip and palate treatment

Smile comes with affordability at Sycamore orthodontist

We are dedicated to treating all patients with special attention, before initializing a treatment process, we discuss all their concerns as well as financial plans to create customized treatment plans for them.

We accept all major insurance plans, low down payment options and extended payment plans to make them as affordable for our patients as much we can.

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If you are confused about which type of treatment you should go for, then consulting the experts of orthodontic expert’s orthodontist Sycamore, is the one best thing you can do. Give us a call today on (815) 756-5200, or schedule an appointment and let our orthodontist’s help you in deciding. We understand that a smile is important to every person, and we are always striving to provide each patient with outstanding results!

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