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Are braces bothering you in photos?

Braces Less Noticeable

It happens that patients feel embarrassed about their braces on photos, so we would like to give you some tips on how you can enjoy your pictures more without hiding your smile.

First of all, confidence and some irony would help you to look good on your photos. A relaxed, genuine face expression always looks good on the pictures, as it is natural and creates an image of a confident personality. You can also “make faces” for the camera, doing so can temporarily relieve feelings of anxiety and vulnerability and make you look like you are confident and able to make fun. For even more fun, you can always ask your orthodontist for rubber bands that we have in a wide range of colors. You can choose your favorite color that matches you and enjoy your smile.

Secondly, there is another solution in case you braces really bother you in photos – editing apps. Of course many of us are aware that Photoshop can create magic, but at the same time not all of us know how to use it properly. In this case we would suggest you to download apps like Visage Lab, Filterra or Photo Retouch. These photo-editing programs can easily erase your braces or make them less visible.

Finally, you should also be aware that you have significant amount of metal in your braces, to try to avoid close-up photos with flesh as it reflects the metal really well. Making a photo, always remember how good your teeth will look and feel as soon as your orthodontic treatment is complete.

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