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What to Expect From Your First Orthodontic Appointment

first orthodontist appointment

If you had never been to an orthodontist before, this article is for you. We know that many patients are nervous and often don’t know what to expect at orthodontist appointment, but today we want to dispel your doubts and uncertainties about your first orthodontist consultation.

What Do They Do at Your First Orthodontist Appointment

So let’s go step by step. Before your first ortho appointment, you are normally asked to fill out some paperwork like your name, address, and phone number, insurance information (this way we can define your benefits for you), your health and dental history and a short explanation of what you’d like to accomplish during treatment.

The next step is obtaining a set of diagnostic records to help us decide the most appropriate orthodontic treatment for you or your child. These records usually include pictures; x-ray or innovative iTero scans of your mouth. The purpose of these records at your first orthodontist appointment is to see the health and position of your teeth, bone, roots, and jaws and make a record of where your teeth are at the beginning of treatment at our office, and also track the development of your profile, lip posture, and facial symmetry during the treatment.

orthodontist appointment

The third step is getting to know your personal orthodontist and discuss your concerns in order to have a better image of how to fix them. When there is a 100% understanding between you and our orthodontist, only then we’ll explain all of your possible treatment options and then recommend the one that suits your needs and personal preferences. Orthodontic Experts treatment coordinators will work with you or your family to make the best possible financial arrangements that fit your budget.

After you decide on your treatment, we’ll schedule you an appointment to start the process. Once that is done, you are ready to get started! We’ll keep tracking your development within the whole period of your treatment, so regular additional appointments will be required. The length of time until your next visit normally varies, but we’ll inform you about that during your first orthodontist appointment.

What to Expect at Your First Orthodontist Appointment

After reading it all, if you are still concerned about what to expect at your first orthodontist appointment and have any questions, just give us a call at (847) 749-4340. We will be happy to help you or schedule an appointment for you. As always, if you have any questions regarding insurances, payment plans, flexible spending or health savings accounts please feel free to call the office, we’re are here to help! You can also text us at (847) 404-3268 for any quick questions or inquiries. Our diverse staff will be able to communicate with you in English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Urdu and Hindi languages. We have eleven convenient immaculate locations and eleven orthodontists on staff. It’s never too late to achieve that beautiful smile you’ve been waiting for all your life!

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