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Makeup Hacks for The Ladies in Braces

makeup in bracesSometimes women feel less confident while wearing braces and forget that they are beautiful no matter if they have braces on, or not. If you still feel unsatisfied about your braces, we would like to share with you some tips that will help you to feel a little bit more confident and beautiful. Some ladies prefer to make an accent on their lips while leaving their eyes and skin look natural, some prefer the opposite, but when you have braces on, the best solution is to enhance your other face features than the mouth area. First of all, try to take care of your skin. Beautiful, clean, soft and healthy skin will draw an attention, and distract from braces. To achieve beautiful skin, don’t forget about your daily routine: cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin from UV light. If you still have imperfections on your skin, apply some concealer on problematic zones. Apply foundation only if you feel like you really need it, and try to make it look as natural as possible. Add some cheek blush or bronzer, so your skin will look fresh and healthy; this will help to draw away the attention from your mouth. Secondly, try to put the accent on your eyes. Put some eye shadow that would enhance your beautiful shape of eyes, use the pencil or eyeliner to make your eyes brighter, and don’t forget about mascara. As an option, fake eyelashes can also enhance your look, and draw all the attention only to your eyes.

Finally, try to use soft natural colors for your lips. Don’t put dark, bright or shimmery colors on your lips if you want to make your braces less visible to others. Considering all these tips, don’t forget that you are beautiful as you are, and that make up can only draw away the attention from your braces to other features of your face. Remember that your braces are only temporarily in your mouth, and soon you’ll look better than ever!

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