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Orthodontist Guide For Celebrating Halloween

Your wait will be over soon, as Halloween is right around the corner. Although many crowds who celebrate this spooky holiday dress up and munch on the sweets from their night of trick-or-treating ,others might be thinking of other treats that benefit their smiles and are longer lasting than those Halloween candy giveaways. While you enjoy the Halloween festivities, don’t forget that your orthodontic care comes first especially if you have orthodontic problems or are already wearing orthodontic appliances.

Though no one can stop you from all the pleasures that come with Halloween including chowing down on your favorite candy, Orthodontic Experts can share the ultimate guide to help you with your orthodontic queries so you can continue with the trick-and-treating rituals for years to come.

Patients With Traditional Metal Braces

If you wear Traditional Metal Braces, and are worried that you won’t be able to enjoy the Halloween festivities this year, we have news for you.

It is true that you cannot have many of the candy options e that are common when trick-or-treating including any chewy or hard candies. As the experts of orthodontics we advise you to not take any chances with any such candy because even a single chewy or hard candy can affect the functionality and material of your braces, resulting in another visit to the orthodontist right after Halloween. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other delicious treats you get on All Hallows Eve. You can grab on the sweet ‘n’ sour lickable or the chocolates that will melt in your mouth. Just remember to brush right after!

Patients With Clear Aligners

Patients having Clear Aligners don’t seem to suffer much during Halloween.

Guide For Celebrating Halloween

They can munch on the chewables, lickables, and chocolates by taking off their Clear Aligners anytime they want.

Remember to remove your Clear Aligners before eating any tasty treats, and don’t forget to brush them immediately after having them. Also, keep your aligners clean to make them last longer.

However, every patient should be mindful that the treatment through Clear Aligners requires you to wear them for 22 hours daily. It is seen in cases that, enjoying hallow’s eve, people usually forget to place their aligners back, creating a noticeable gap between the treatment and impacting the effectiveness.

Enjoy your Halloween!

It might be saddening for most of how limited you have to be sometimes, even on the holidays close to your heart. At the same time, nothing should be more important to you than your health.

The specialized team of orthodontists at Orthodontic Experts ensures that maintaining perfect oral hygiene with orthodontic appliances will not be a long-term concern and there will be brighter days after your sacrifices. However, a little prevention will only help you to avoid big troubles. Be particular about your teeth to have a wide, bright, and charming smile on your face and perfectly aligned teeth once you cross the treatment process.

Enjoy this momentous event while also paying attention to your orthodontic care for a better life ahead. Go shop for the perfect costume and prepare for a fantastic Halloween this year!!!

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