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Overbite Children’s

“Better Late than Never” – Perhaps… but not if it’s about your child’s teeth!

overbite childrenAmerican Association of Orthodontics recommends visiting an orthodontist when a kid reaches the age of seven. By this age, the mouth and jaw of your kid are grown enough to predict how they’ll develop when their permanent teeth arrive and further monitor the process to avoid problems later. In case our orthodontists determine that jaw development of your kid is not on track or there are other orthodontic issues, the referral to orthodontic treatment is a “must”.

In case you are suspicious that your child has an overbite or underbite problem, we recommend you not to wait until she/he is older to have an orthodontic treatment. In this case it is crucially important to have the treatment as early as possible, because children’s jaw bines are still malleable enough. Otherwise, when the jawbones are solid, it would be harder to correct, with more time and finance invested.

In case you cannot identify whether your child has jaw issues, you can notice that they experience the following problems:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Speech impediments
  • Jaw pain

Nevertheless, it is quite often you can easily identify jaw issues visually. Here we you can see an example of how overbite or underbite can look like:


Remember that time is the most valuable asset and that as earlier you start orthodontic treatment, as easier it is to fix or even prevent the bite issues.

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