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Glossary of Orthodontic Terms

ADJUSTMENT: The appointments also give the orthodontist an opportunity to evaluate the tooth movement and make the necessary recommendations in treatment. APPLIANCE: Orthodontic appliance – Any device used to influence the position of teeth and jaws. Removable appliance – An appliance that can be removed from the mouth and replaced at will by the patient.

What Does Wearing Braces Feels Like?

Deciding to get your teeth straightened is just the first in a series of decisions you will need to make. You would have to select a system for straightening your teeth, and that’s where our orthodontic expertise can help. Furthermore, you’d have to be prepared to be able to see your orthodontist about every four

Not Wearing Retainers? What You Should Do

“Ooops, I Forgot to Wear My Retainer ” – Best Ways to Prevent this Happening to You “Ooops, I forgot to wear my retainer” – this thought can come to anyone who’s having an orthodontic treatment. If you forget to wear your retainer quite often, it can cause significant teeth movement that can delay your

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Good for Your Kids

It happens that parents come to an orthodontic office feeling guilty of not bringing their kids to an orthodontist earlier. In fact, early treatment prevents the development of serious orthodontic issues and reduces the time of orthodontic treatment in the future. American Association of Orthodontics recommends visiting an orthodontist when a kid reaches the age

What causes crooked teeth?

Crooked teeth is a problem of many people all around the world, including kids, teenagers and adults. There are many reasons of why people have crooked teeth, so we created a small guide where you can see the most common reasons of crooked teeth. Luckily, at Orthodontic Experts we can always find a solution to

Traveling With Braces – Keep Your Teeth in Tip-Top Shape

August is the perfect time to travel and we know that many of you have already planned some trips. Nevertheless, when we decide to take a break from our daily life and plan a journey, we often forget about our teeth. For that reason, we decided to remind you that taking care of your teeth

Makeup Hacks for The Ladies in Braces

Sometimes women feel less confident while wearing braces and forget that they are beautiful no matter if they have braces on, or not. If you still feel unsatisfied about your braces, we would like to share with you some tips that will help you to feel a little bit more confident and beautiful. Some ladies

Celebrity Smile

Celebrity Smile Without A Celebrity Budget – Yes, It Is Possible. Some people think that having a beautiful celebrity smile requires a lot of money and continuous visits to dentist and orthodontist. We’ll try to break these stereotypes and prove the opposite. First of all, most of people don’t need to have major orthodontic or

Orthodontic Retainers

The Importance of Wearing Retainers

Most people tend to overlook the fact that orthodontic tooth movement is a biological process. This means that your teeth will move when any type of pressure is applied for a long period of time. For this reason, doctors recommend parents to prevent children from thumb-sucking, fingernail chewing, and forming abnormal swallowing patterns since all

How to Get Your Kids Excited About Getting Braces

We know how kids, teens, and, even adults are often concerned about how would their life change after getting braces and wearing them for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes even Invisalign patients are worried and have their concerns. Therefore, when kids and teens are prepared and feeling positive about their orthodontic treatment, the process

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