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Makeup Hacks for The Ladies in Braces

Sometimes women feel less confident while wearing braces and forget that they are beautiful no matter if they have braces on, or not. If you still feel unsatisfied about your braces, we would like to share with you some tips that will help you to feel a little bit more confident and beautiful. Some ladies

Celebrity Smile

Celebrity Smile Without A Celebrity Budget – Yes, It Is Possible. Some people think that having a beautiful celebrity smile requires a lot of money and continuous visits to dentist and orthodontist. We’ll try to break these stereotypes and prove the opposite. First of all, most of people don’t need to have major orthodontic or

Orthodontic Retainers

The Importance of Wearing Retainers

Most people tend to overlook the fact that orthodontic tooth movement is a biological process. This means that your teeth will move when any type of pressure is applied for a long period of time. For this reason, doctors recommend parents to prevent children from thumb-sucking, fingernail chewing, and forming abnormal swallowing patterns since all

How to Get Your Kids Excited About Getting Braces

We know how kids, teens, and, even adults are often concerned about how would their life change after getting braces and wearing them for a prolonged period of time. Sometimes even clear aligners patients are worried and have their concerns. Therefore, when kids and teens are prepared and feeling positive about their orthodontic treatment, the


Bite Problems Orthodontics Can Fix

Many children, teens, and even adults experience discomfort and pain, speech difficulty, and loss of confidence due to the issues with their bite. Quite often, only orthodontic treatment can fix bite problems. At Orthodontic Experts, we see patients with bite problems every single day, and we have a great experience with treating them and making

mouthguard for braces

Not Sure if You Can Keep Playing Sports Or An Instrument After Getting Braces?

It is very common when teenage patients or their parents ask us whether they would be able to continue playing sport or music instruments after they get braces or clear aligners. The answer is – yes, you can do your favorite activities, however, you need to remember about protection. If you do any contact sports

Not Sure If You Still Can Get Braces with Metal Allergies?

You have an allergy to metals and are worried whether you are able to wear braces to get a beautiful and healthy smile. Don’t worry – you definitely can get braces, even if you are suffering from metal allergies. The most common solution in this case is to get Ceramic Braces. This non-metal option is

Orthodontic Emergency Care: Action Plan If Your Braces Wire Or Bracket Breaks

This is quite a common question among braces-wearers: “What to do if a wire or a bracket breaks?” First of all, you should not hesitate to call us and ask questions concerning your specific situation. We will be happy to return your call to provide you with information on how you can fix the situation

Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Start Wearing Braces

Summer is coming, so the school is over soon! We think that it is a great opportunity for you to begin your orthodontic treatment. First of all, when the school is over, you have much more time to relax and not to worry about your homework, exams or extracurricular activities. This means that you can

Malocclusion Of The Teeth: Classification, Causes, Treatment.

First and foremost, what is malocclusion? Malocclusion, simply put, is the misalignment or incorrect positioning of teeth. Edward Angle, a famous figure in dentistry coined the term “malocclusion” (mal- + occlusion = “incorrect occlusion”). With malocclusion, it can be difficult for your teeth to properly serve their purpose and perform vital functions. Healthline highlights that

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