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Braces Giveaway Winner 2021

Orthodontic Experts a premiere orthodontic practice is proud to announce their “2021 Braces Giveaway” campaign. This year we are donating 13 full orthodontic treatments to children in need, allowing us to provide the magical gift of a smile on Christmas Eve.

Giving back and creating those lasting memories with the different communities around is so important to Orthodontic Experts as they continue to grow with more clinics. All the communities in all the surrounding areas need to follow in the practices’ footsteps as they keep making a difference in the world. As Dr. Yaroslav Yarmolyuk Founder and President of Orthodontic Experts says, “We love our communities and Orthodontic Experts are always here to help in any way possible. We are here to make a difference and we are here to make a difference with you!” Orthodontic Experts is excited to announce the winners for our 2021 Braces Giveaway contest.

Winners Details


Gracie Mitchell 


Edward Renee Arciniega 


Jason Perez


Jaquan Pearson


Maxwell Woodruff


Isaac Ortiz


Triston Dovchinsuren

Harwood Heights

Denis Kulla 


Kacper Budz

Arlington Heights

Karolina Czarkowska


Cymone Presley


Heredia Guanoluisa


Fatima Vargas 

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