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Orthodontic Experts Would Like To Welcome Beloit School District To The Family!

Orthodontic Experts is proud to be a community partner with the Beloit School District. We had the opportunity to be part of their school registration for all the schools in the district of Beloit, Wisconsin. This event brought everyone together not only to register their kids for the upcoming school year but to enjoy free school supplies donated by Orthodontic Experts. 

Giving back and creating long-lasting memories with the different communities around is so important to Orthodontic Experts as we continue to grow with more clinics. All the communities in all the surrounding areas need to follow in the practices’ footsteps as they keep making a difference in the world. 

As Dr. Yaroslav Yarmolyuk, founder and president of Orthodontic Experts says, “We love our communities and Orthodontic Experts are always here to help in any way possible. We are here to make a difference. Our team is in this together and Orthodontic Experts are here to make this happen.” 

Our Orthodontic Experts Beloit team is here to make a difference in the lives of our community members who are in need of school supplies for the upcoming school year. We were welcomed with open arms by the school district and this really shows that we are in this together as a community to support the students. 

During the event, the school district of Beloit gave us a community table where we displayed all of the school supplies for the community members to grab for their kids. What did Orthodontic Experts Donate? Backpacks, Waterbottles, Pens, Pencils, Folders, Notepads, and an exclusive student discount for all the schools in the district of Beloit. 

We also offered an exclusive special for our Beloit, Wisconsin family, which was $250 off braces and $500 off clear aligners. 

We love our communities and everything about supporting the residents, schools, and local businesses in any way possible. 

Just give us a call and Orthodontic Experts will be there to help support your organization! 

If you’re looking to partner with Orthodontic Experts, please reach out to our Patient Experience Manager at [email protected].

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