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Your teeth and jaws form an important part of your appearance. Furthermore, healthy and straight teeth give you self-confidence and a smile, that everyone would notice. Our Forest Park orthodontist focuses on the correction of teeth that are far forward or crooked, or for instance when there’s not enough room in the jaw, or if the teeth and molars don’t fit well together, braces can be a good solution for such problems.

In our up-to-date orthodontic practice near Forest Park, we make sure that the patient is our first priority. You can schedule a free consultation to see our professional orthodontists in Forest Park.

Orthodontic Experts is the perfect choice for all your orthodontic needs. Your hillside Orthodontist near Forest Park offers the following advantages:

orthodontist forest park
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Personal attention with plenty of time to ask your orthodontist important questions
  • Flexible appointment times (including evenings and Saturdays)
  • We treat children, teens, and adults
  • Newest and innovative treatment options (i.e., lingual braces, Invisalign Treatment)
  • Modern equipment – iTero Digital Scanners
  • Certified quality – Our orthodontist have spent additional years training
  • Treatment by professional orthodontists with countless years of orthodontic experience
  • No referrals necessary

Why Braces at Orthodontic Experts near Forest Park?

At Orthodontic Experts, you are always welcome as a new patient in our orthodontic practice near Forest Park, IL. Your Forest Park Orthodontist is an expert at providing orthodontic treatment including braces and Invisalign.

Once you make that decision to correct your smile and become our patient, before starting treatment, we first examine your orthodontic situation. Once that is completed, we can advise you on the best possible solution for you or your child’s specific case.

Nevertheless, after extensive preparation (x-rays, photos and digital impressions of your teeth), your Forest Park orthodontist can place metal, lingual, ceramic or invisible braces.

The standard braces treatment consists of placing metal brackets with wires on patients’ teeth. In fact, traditional metal braces treatment is still very popular and the old-fashioned idea that metal brackets easily discolor, loosen quicker and lead to longer treatments is no longer valid.

Some patients specifically ask for invisible braces. In this case, we can place ‘lingual’ (hidden) braces, that are placed behind the teeth, so no one will recognize that the patient is having orthodontic treatment. These braces are 100% invisible, and a lot more popular among adults.

At Orthodontic Experts, we also offer Invisalign treatment. Invisalign treatment consists of a series of nearly invisible and removable aligners that must be regularly replaced by a new set every 2 weeks. This advanced and modern system is one of the most modern solutions to straighten crooked teeth (virtually invisible) and a clear alternative to metal braces for adults, kids or teens.

If you’re looking to get your teeth perfectly aligned, the quickest way to accomplish this is with standard braces, so the average treatment lasts between 12 and 18 months. Whichever treatment you choose, we will always make sure that your teeth will be aligned beautifully and your bite will be corrected.

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