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Des Plaines, Illinois- January 4th, 2024- Orthodontic Experts, a multi-location orthodontic clinic in three separate states, has long valued its community. Whether it be our doctors, patients, clinic personnel, support staff, or the areas where we are located, we strive to show just how appreciated everyone truly is. Without each of our community members, Orthodontic Experts would not be able to function so successfully. Our mission, vision, and core values exist to provide the best quality care and affordable treatment for all our patients and community areas, but these sentiments would fall short without the continual dedication from our internal community. That is why we are proud to introduce you to one of our very own heroes – Lorena Perez, our Training & Development Supervisor!

“The best part about working for Orthodontic Experts is the friendly, family-like environment.” – Lorena Perez

Before Lorena joined Orthodontic Experts, she was unsure about what career would be best for her. When she was younger, she had always wanted to be a teacher, but it just didn’t seem to align with Lorena’s life at the time. So, while searching around, she ended up accepting a receptionist position in the orthodontic field as it fit perfectly with her schedule. However, she had no knowledge of orthodontics at the time. About a year later, she came across the Patient Service Representative position, or the front desk personnel, at the Arlington Heights and Harwood Heights locations of Orthodontic Experts. She then accepted the position and, as Lorena says, “the rest is history.”

“The best advice I can give is to be open to the opportunities provided by Orthodontic Experts, learn as much as you can, and be the best you can be in your position.” Lorena Perez

Initially, when she joined the team, she was still very unsure about orthodontics, especially because her position only required her to interact with patients in the front areas of the clinics. This made Lorena nervous about failure and any change. However, as she progressed in her position, it became obvious that her family at home and her managers at Orthodontic Experts all believed in her more than she believed in herself. This motivated Lorena to push out of her comfort zone and to explore more positions at Orthodontic Experts. She started accepting any opportunity that was offered where she could expand her knowledge and skillset in the orthodontic field. Specifically, she began working with other departments, participating in community events, and even attending orthodontic seminars and conferences to aid in her development. In turn, she learned to accept challenges and obstacles as part of the journey to any growth.

Eight years later, and Lorena is now the Training and Development Supervisor at Orthodontic Experts. With this position, she is continuously teaching and educating new employees that come through our doors. She not only teaches them all about Orthodontic Experts, but also about their specific clinic positions and how those job titles effectively impact our patients’ lives. Throughout her time with Orthodontic Experts, she has adopted a conscientious approach to communication – both inside and outside of the clinic. This has effectively allowed her to educate and motivate all new teammates as well as communicate constructively in her free time. To this day, she will not claim to be the best at communication. However, she truly believes that working with the Orthodontic Experts community has allowed her to see the positive outcomes from conscientious communication and the negative consequences due to a lack of it.

With her ever-growing knowledge and skillset as well as dedication and motivation to the company, Lorena has been a hero in our eyes – representing and supporting our mission, vision, and core values to every community. Thank you for all you do, Lorena!

“Orthodontic Experts invests in their employees more than any previous job I have had. I have experienced firsthand the amount of time and resources management puts into education and benefits for employees.”Lorena Perez

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Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to quality care and orthodontic excellence; we are a community committed to making a difference in our patients’ lives. We currently have twenty-four offices in the greater Chicagoland area, Wisconsin, and Indiana. This year we are on track to open additional offices! Our core Values consist of the following:

  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency


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