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Orthodontists in Alsip are looking for ways to help the residents with all their orthodontic problems. However, they aren’t only trying but have figured out all new and advanced methods of bringing smiles to people’s faces within no time. The orthodontic expert’s team is fully equipped with innovative orthodontic care appliances at their clinic; this highly trained team operates the most comfortable treatment procedure.

What Orthodontic Experts have for the people of Alsip

At the clinic of Orthodontic Experts in Orland Park, we believe that it is your right to have a perfect smile like every other person. We can undoubtedly say that our professional orthodontists are playing their role to serve the patients with their desired treatment. Not only this, but we also strive to provide the patients with straight teeth. We ensure that each of our treatments is full of oral benefits that will give extended help to the patients reaching out to us. We have proved to be serving quality services by having a long list of satisfied patients who benefit from our service in the friendly environment of our clinic and with the help of highly cooperative staff. We are successfully offering our services to people of every age; whether they are kids, teens or adults, we provide all orthodontic treatments, including iconix and clear aligners. Please don’t confuse your decision, as we provide all these high-quality services at the most economical rates. So, you can feel stress-free and comfortable when getting orthodontic treatment from us.

Directions to our Alsip

Head north on S Cicero Ave toward W 123rd St – 2 min (1.0 mi)

Continue on W 115th St to Palos Heights – 6 min (2.8 mi)

Turn left onto W 115th St – 2.0 mi

Turn left onto S Ridgeland Ave – 0.8 mi

Take IL-7 S to W 131st St in Palos Park – 8 min (4.1 mi)

Turn right onto W College Dr – 2.0 mi

Turn left onto IL-7 S – 2.1 mi

Continue on W 131st St to your destination in Orland Park – 2 min (0.7 mi)

Turn right onto W 131st St – 0.6 mi

Turn left – 177 ft

Turn right – 33 ft

Slight right – 30 ft

Turn right – 184 ft

Turn right – 171 ft

Turn right – Destination will be on the left – 10 ft

Head north on IL-50 N/S Cicero Ave toward W 123rd St – 3 min (1.5 mi)

Turn left onto W 111th St – Pass by Chase Bank (on the right in 2.6 mi) – 8 min (3.6 mi)

Turn left onto IL-7 S – 6 min (3.2 mi)

Continue on W 131st St to your destination in Orland Park – 2 min (0.7 mi)

Turn right onto W 131st St – 0.6 mi

Turn left – 177 ft

Turn right – 33 ft

Slight right – 30 ft

Turn right – 184 ft

Turn right – 171 ft

Turn right – Destination will be on the left – 10 ft

Follow IL-50 S/S Cicero Ave and 135th St to Orland Park – 18 min (8.2 mi)

Head north on S Cicero Ave toward W 123rd St – 49 ft

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto W 123rd St – 0.1 mi

Turn left onto S Lamon Ave – 394 ft

Turn left at the 1st cross street onto 123rd Pl – 0.1 mi

Turn right onto IL-50 S/S Cicero Ave – Pass by Culver’s (on the right in 1.2 mi) – 1.4 mi

Turn right onto 135th St – 6.0 mi

Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto 96th Ave/South La Grange Road – 0.4 mi

Drive to your destination – 1 min (0.1 mi)

Turn right – 184 ft

Turn left – 43 ft

Turn right – 292 ft

Turn left – 59 ft

Turn right – Destination will be on the left – 10 ft

Alsip, IL to Orland Park

Treatment Options

Orthodontist Alsip offers

If you think that you are deciding to get the orthodontic treatment at the wrong time and age, make this thing clear that there is no age or time constraint in getting back the smile on your face. We have set our treatment so that you will love getting the treatment from our services. The artistically designed technology and appliances at the clinics ensure amazing results for people of every age. Here are the treatments for braces in Alsip that we offer our patients.

Traditional Metal Braces

The most older and most effectively-used braces are these traditional metal braces. The number of users of these braces is increasing with each passing year. People use these braces to treat their crowded, crooked, and severely misaligned teeth. The braces are made up of metal attachments that have wires connected to them along with the metal braces. Together, these three metal elements are attached to the teeth with adhesive material to cure oral disorders. The orthodontists commonly use these traditional metal braces in Alsip to treat people.

Iconix Braces

These braces are the best option for grown-ups who always want to stay in style. The Iconix are made of stainless steel and are rose gold or champagne in color, making them look more sophisticated. The property of stainless steel makes the braces look the same even after the entire treatment. The orthodontists in Alsip are increasing the supply of Iconix due to the increase in adult demand.

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners in Alsip are made to fulfill the need of adults who are much concerned about their appearance. Braces make a bit different to their looks, sometimes lowering their confidence level. So, using 3D technology, these transparent trays are made. The Orthodontic experts are widely providing these invisible and uniquely designed trays at their clinic so that it corrects the misaligned trays in a short period while maintaining their transparency.

Orthodontic Treatment

within your pocket

In the current times of inflation, we know how difficult it might be for an individual to manage excessive but important expenses. Keeping the situation in view, we have designed our in-house payment plans. You can avail the best orthodontic Treatment from us but in the most feasible payment plan. We are currently operating a few methods of paying us the cost of treatment; This includes health insurance plans, so the people who have already registered for their insurance can use the benefit of it. While on the other side, the people who don’t have the insurance plan can pay us in the monthly breakdowns, so this won’t give them a hefty amount at once to pay. Even our charges for the Treatment are economical and can be managed by the mentioned plans.

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