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Orthodontic Experts provides many solutions to orthodontic issues. We offer proven methods of treatment including Invisalign and Iconix Braces along with traditional metal braces in the Hobart, IN area. We believe that your smile is your prerogative; gaining or re-gaining a beautiful smile is not impossible and therefore we educate our patients on the treatment journey in helping them achieve their dream smile. Whether you are 7 years old or 70 years old, our orthodontist in Merrillville near Hobart, IN has all of the experience and techniques to treat every patient with due diligence.

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We guide our patients about treatment options as well as financing options to make their experience exciting with us.  Providing patients education on the possible treatments and how they will impact their life can remarkably improve their confidence in maintaining dental health and facial aesthetics.

Traditional Metal Braces in Hobart

Our orthodontists love to treat patients; bringing them the comfort they want. Traditional braces in Hobart are still the most preferred type of treatment. These braces are affordable compared to other types of treatment. You can have fun with changing your braces colors every time you visit your orthodontist and make this journey as colorful as you may want it to be.

Iconix Braces in Hobart

Iconix Braces include champagne-colored brackets and allow for a clearer, matching look with your natural teeth color. Unlike traditional braces in Hobart, Iconix braces are made up of stainless steel with a rose gold aesthetic coating that blends beautifully with your teeth resulting in a naturally bright smile.

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Invisalign Treatment in Hobart

Invisalign treatment in Hobart is something which is also called a no-braces method of treatment. Although, Invisalign in Hobart is used to your teeth but with the help of plastic invisible trays this method serves more than the purpose of teeth straightening. It helps to conceal your treatment trays. A series of these invisible clear braces in Hobart are manufactured customized on the basis of 3d model image of your teeth and mouth by our expert orthodontist in Hobart and required to be worn for a period of almost 12 months. It is an invisible method of treating your teeth with visible results.

We Offer Affordable Smiles

In addition to different orthodontic treatment plans, we offer a variety of financial arrangements to help you pay for our services. Our financial plans include:

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