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Orthodontist in Wood Dale, IL: Creating Smiles That Shine Bright for a Lifetime

Orthodontic Experts consider it a privilege that you have chosen our practices for your orthodontic treatment and care. Recognizing that every patient who walks through our practice to see our orthodontist in Wood Dale has different needs, concerns, and expectations. We make it a priority to get to know our patients as best as possible. Being one of the leading orthodontic practices in Hillside, our orthodontist in Wood Dale ensures to listen first and then create a specialized treatment plan for you. We pride ourselves in the services that we deliver to each patient; we intend to offer the best braces in Wood Dale, clear aligners treatment or any other orthodontic treatment in an ambiance that is relaxed, comfortable and nurturing.

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Our orthodontist in Wood Dale works to consistently exceed or meet your expectations concerning treatment and services. The combination of your expectations and our orthodontic proficiency is of primary importance. We aim to create healthy, beautiful and properly aligned teeth so that our patients can take pleasure in the physical and psychological benefits gained from smiles our orthodontist in Wood Dale creates. Whether it’s about the look or function of teeth, we make sure it works as properly as it should. Our success is based on the relationships we enjoy and build with our patient families. Below explained are the most common orthodontic treatment types that we offer. We welcome you to our rising practice in Hillside near the Wood Dale area.

Traditional Metal Braces: The Most Affordable Orthodontic Treatment Option

Traditional metal braces are made of stainless steel, at times in combination with titanium. They are the most extensively used type of braces in Wood Dale. The modern metal braces are more comfortable, smaller and act efficiently to straighten your teeth.

Clear Aligners in Wood Dale: An Innovative Orthodontic Appliance

Clear aligners treatment in Wood Dale consists of a series of clear, nearly invisible aligners that patients must wear at all times, except for eating, brushing or flossing their teeth. You can easily remove them, so no need to visit your orthodontist in Wood Dale. Clear aligners are custom-made that are crafted for you and only you.

Aesthetically Attractive Iconix Braces

Iconix braces are made of stainless steel champagne-colored brackets that offer a truly patient pleasing aesthetic solution. The durability of stainless steel and the “white” gold look provides the dazzling visual that no one can ignore. The best part of Iconix braces Wood Dale is that their champagne color will not peel or brush away.

Know Your Best Affordable Treatment Options

You might be wondering what type of orthodontic treatment will best suit you or if you are the right candidate for the above discussed orthodontic treatments. Don’t worry; our orthodontist in Hillside near Wood Dale along with their team will discuss your case with you in detail to find out the right treatment option for you that is easy on your pocket as well. So, forget about the budget as we accept all major insurance plans to make sure you can meet the orthodontic treatment cost easily.

Complimentary Consultation

What else are you looking for? Schedule your no cost consultation now with the orthodontist in Wood Dale by calling us on (708) 540-1770. We are located in Hillside near the Wood Dale area.

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