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Best Braces Colors

Color Combinations for Braces

Nowadays, the most exciting and fun part about getting braces is being able to choose the color of your braces rubber bands. Whether you want to show off your creativity, show some serious school spirit, or match your braces with your outfit, adding some decorative colors to your braces can be loads of fun!

One of the coolest things about braces treatment at Orthodontic Experts, is that you get the option to customize the color of your braces to your liking. This means that you can make them stand out or blend in depending on what you prefer. 

During braces treatment, your brace will consist of small metal brackets, which are attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. These brackets are moved by using a thin wire, which is held in place using tiny elastic bands, also known as ligatures. These rubber bands come in a variety of different and exciting colors.

Best Braces Colors

You’re going to be wearing braces for 18 to 24 month.
Why not have some fun with it and express yourself with a colorful smile?

Show Off Your Braces with the Best Color Braces at Orthodontic Experts

Since there are so many colors to choose from when choosing different colors for braces treatment, you have to figure out what best fits your personality. Some of the most common and frequently used braces color combination includes:
braces colors
  • Baby Blue Braces
  • Clear Braces with Colored Bands
  • Pink and Green Braces
  • Pink and Purple Braces
  • Pink and Black Braces

If you want to maintain professionalism while still customizing your braces with some color, there are various other braces color combinations. These are used by most professionals & some teenagers. 

Currently, you may notice that braces with white bands or clear bands are more popular since they are more discrete during braces treatment. Discuss with your orthodontist before you begin choosing colors. The team at Orthodontic Experts will help you choose the color combination right for you.

Some darker braces color combinations available to you include:

  • Red and Black Braces
  • Blue and Green Braces
  • Blue and Purple Braces
  • Red and Blue Braces
  • Teal and Purple Braces
If you are unsure about what color you should get or how your braces will look on your teeth, ask your orthodontist for some recommendations based on your natural enamel color. Before choosing a random color, just keep in mind that lighter colors for braces treatment can make your teeth look more yellow, while darker colors may make your teeth appear whiter than before!
best braces colors

The colors are here to make it more fun to wear braces, and give you a chance to express yourself. Some people are more conscious than others about how the color they have chosen would represent them. The age, eye color, tone and preference can be taken into account during selection.

You can get it changed whenever you visit your dentist to get the wires tightened. On average that is every 4 to 8 weeks.

Braces Color Ideas

There is a whole new world out there when you want to choose the color for your braces. The color ideas range from white to all shades of yellow, red, blue, green, and many more. And the best thing is you can try different shades while you have your braces.

Braces Colors to Avoid

The colors to avoid are the ones that make your teeth look stained or unclean. These can include clear, yellow or dark tones such as brown and black.

Braces Colors for Adults

Adults prefer to go for neutral colors. They can choose colors that would compliment their eye color and profession. They can choose colors like lighter shades of blue and red. Try to avoid neutral colors that would make your teeth appear yellow.

Best Braces Colors for Girls

Colors like red and purple are popular among the girls. But they are not limited to them, they can choose from a large range. Most girls prefer to go with colors that would compliment their personality, skin tone, hair color, eye color, and outfits. This brings in a combination of two colors as well, such as pink and purple.

Color Braces for Children and Teens

Children and teens are happier and more careful with their braces when it is their favourite color. The color they choose could be to show affection towards a specific celebrity, team or cartoon.

Colors for Skin Tones

The best way to make the braces compliment your skin tone is to choose the color in contrast to it. If you are blessed with a dark tone, you can choose golden, silver, and or turquoise. With a lighter tone you can choose dark blue, pink and or raspberry.

Colors Based on Eye Color

There are two ways to get about this, you can either choose to select the color for your braces based on the same as your eye color. Or you can choose the one in contrast to it. If you have blue eyes, you can choose a similar color or go for red instead.

Colors Based On Your Style

Of course, the colors are here for you to express your style. There are many styles, and people with serious styles prefer neutral and simple colors like brown or golden. Just like that outgoing people would like red, orange or any color that pops out.

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If you haven’t selected an orthodontist yet & if you’re still confused as to what colors to choose, ask our highly qualified, experienced, and professional team of orthodontists at Orthodontic Experts and we can let you in on all of the trends!

Orthodontic Experts - Best Braces Colors
In addition, there are resources out there to help you figure out the color that fits your smile. Take a look at the Paint Your Smile website by 3M that helps teens choose their own elastics and brackets used for metal braces. In three easy steps, you can get a good idea of what you would look like with different colored braces. You can even share the final image with your color braces on social sites such as FacebookTwitterInstagramGoogle+LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Scheduling an appointment with Orthodontic Experts is the first step in achieving that beautiful smile. Our quality, affordable orthodontic treatment provide out guests with straighter teeth, improved oral health and function, and a more attractive smile. Moreover, getting orthodontic treatment helps prevent common dental problems generally caused by crooked teeth or a misaligned bite Finally, braces help give you a boost in self–confidence.

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