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Orthodontics is not something that is only suitable for children or teenagers. Adults can seek treatment for the exact same reason as children and teenagers. Adults may not have had the opportunity when they were young to get their teeth fixed, or they may have developed new problems over the years.


Adults can benefit a great deal from orthodontic treatment. Some of the benefits include:

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  • Alignment of the teeth that creates a better smile.
  • Correcting any relapses from previous treatments because you did not wear your retainers! That never happens, right?
  • Improving the brushing and flossing process, because your teeth are no longer crowded or misaligned.
  • Creating a comfortable experience while you bite and chew.
  • Dealing with the issue of missing teeth.
  • Closing any gaps between teeth.
  • Reducing the wear and tear on your teeth because of how they are positioned relative to each other.
  • Jaw surgery that corrects the issues of your upper and lower jaw.

Appearance of Braces

Adults are generally worried about how braces will look on their teeth. It is one thing to have braces on as a kid, but very different as an adult. While children are normally proud of their braces and want to “show them off”, adult would prefer avoiding displaying these accessories at work! But there are now options available for adults who have these issues, such as

If you are an adult or a teenager who desires for braces, clear ceramic braces may be a good choice. The treatment may take a bit longer because more treatment amendments may be essential. Your teeth may move more slowly because the pressure put on the brackets is less.

But choosing clear ceramic braces for people who want their orthodontic treatment to be discrete and for all those who wants to smile with confidence, ceramic braces could be very favorable option.

Soreness and Discomfort

The treatment you get to fix your teeth is not going to be more or less comfortable as an adult. Adults who have to go through the treatment will experience the same soreness and pain that impacts kids and teenagers when they get braces for the first time.

The most uncomfortable period after an orthodontic treatment is the first 12-24 hours, because your teeth are being impacted by the change fostered on them, and you are not used to having some metal or ceramic item inside your mouth. The bulk of the pain and unease goes away after a few days, especially with the modern types of treatment you can get for teeth realignment. Most treatments are done in 15 to 18 months, while you must see your dentist every eight to 10 weeks for an adjustment appointment.


Orthodontic treatment in Chicago for adults tends to cost a little more than treatment for children since there is on average more corrections to be done. The cost is however mostly determined by what you choose for your braces and the severity of your teeth realignment problems.

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