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Orthodontic Experts’ October Partner Highlight – Fox Valley Park District

One of the Orthodontic Experts’ valued partners for our Aurora clinic location is the wonderful Fox Valley Park District – where the fun begins. Through our cherished relationship with this park district, Orthodontic Experts have provided donations such as water bottles to their after-school programs, helped fund their Fall Adventure Playbook through an addition to the guide, and given discount options like free consultations to their participants. 

With such a versatile range of activities, events, and facilities offered by Fox Valley Park District, it seems as though there is a place for every one of our unique patients! Whether you prefer the sports complex or the communal centers, outdoor or indoor aquatic sports, play youth or adult tennis, attend one or all four of their fitness centers, and/or love nature centers or the Blackberry Farm, Fox Valley Park District welcomes a vast amount of community members. 

So, with our warmest thank you, Orthodontic Experts would love to acknowledge Fox Valley Park District, its aims for the community, and its relationship with Orthodontic Experts. We cannot wait to see how our valued partnership will help grow their organization, our patients, and even the community! 

Next time you are in the Aurora community with nothing to do, just head on over to one of the many facilities offered through the Fox Valley Park District.  

To learn more about Orthodontic Experts and how they are involved with the community, please visit us at If you would like Orthodontic Experts to give back to and/or help your organization, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator, Shannon Bohn, at [email protected] 

For all other information regarding Orthodontic Experts, please visit us at or call us at (855) 720-2470. 

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