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Orthodontic Experts Partner Highlight Gifts From The Heart

Orthodontic Experts have numerous partners in every clinic’s community. For our Merrillville, Indiana location, one specific partner is Gifts from the Heart. Since the opening of our Merrillville doors, our partnership with Gifts from the Heart has continued its growth. Through the communal events that this organization puts on, we have already been able to provide supplies such as discounts for braces, fun items like sling-bag backpacks and bumper stickers, and overall oral information to many community members. So, with Orthodontic Experts and Gifts from the Heart already helping so many diverse individuals both independently and together, Orthodontic Experts cannot wait to see how else our partnership can help the overall Merrillville community.

Gifts from the Heart is a gift shop that actively hosts and travels to community events. At these events, Gifts from the Heart always invites other vendors to participate in the fun, therefore expanding the community members’ fun. With dedication, thought, and love, each item and gift created is hand-made for any special occasion. Whether it’s a custom Easter basket, bows, decorated cups, or another handmade items, Gifts from the Heart, loves to make personalized gifts for everyone. Email them at [email protected] to see what other kinds of products are available.

In addition to the gifts, though, our partner, Gifts from the Heart, hosts their own communal events. At these events, many vendors come out bringing both activities and give-a-ways for the participants and attendees. Orthodontic Experts has already given back to their Dinner and Movie Family Night, Welcome Fall Market, and Holiday Bazaar events. Make sure you check out the upcoming events hosted by Gifts from the Heart:

  • Blast of Love Event – February 11th, 11AM-4PM
  • Spring has Sprung Event – March 18th, 11AM-3:30PM
  • Easter Shop-a-looza – April 1st, 10:30AM-3:00PM

To learn more about Orthodontic Experts and how we reach into communities, please visit us at If you’re curious about how Orthodontic Experts can give back to and/or help your organization, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator, Shannon Bohn, at [email protected].
For all other information about Orthodontic Experts, please visit us at or call us at (855) 720-2470.

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