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Orthodontic Experts’ December Partner Highlight – Eye Level Learning Center

One cherished regional partner for many of our Orthodontic Experts clinic-locations is the wonderful Eye Level Learning Center. With the continuous relationship we have been building since the beginning of 2022, Orthodontic Experts have been able to provide discounts to their students, launch our QR Code Scavenger Hunt at their flagship center in Libertyville, and even cross-promote with materials at all the participating locations. With both of us already achieving so much in the short amount of time we have been partnered, Orthodontic Experts eagerly awaits whatever comes next. 

Specifically at the Eye Level Learning Centers, one will find a variety of levels in the subjects of Math, English, and Writing. While the Math courses generally are geared towards students roughly ages 3-18, their English and Writing caters students from about preschool to 8th Grade. So, if you ever find yourself near a location, why not stop in? Their team of educated and passionate instructors will help lead your student towards comprehension and further success. Plus, if you’re a registered patient on our Patient Rewards Hub, you can even scan the QR code at their Libertyville office to secure a free assessment

To register on Orthodontic Experts Patient Rewards Hub, please visit Pateint Reward hub. It is FREE to join! 😊  

Therefore, with our sincerest intent, Orthodontic Experts would love to acknowledge Eye Level Learning Center, their commitment to bettering student lives, and their blossoming relationship with our patients. We eagerly anticipate the growth of our relationship with each other, our patients and their students, but also the communities at large.

Regional Eye Level Locations:

To find out more about Orthodontic Experts and their commitment to community outreach, please visit us at For any inquiries on how Orthodontic Experts can give back to and/or help at your organization, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator, Shannon Bohn, at [email protected].  

For all other Orthodontic Experts information, please visit us at or call us at (855) 720-2470. 

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