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Orthodontic Experts Is Now Open In Menomonee Falls

OE Media Contact:
Shannon Bohn
Community Relations Coordinator
[email protected]

Menomonee Falls, WI – February 6th, 2023 – Orthodontic Experts, a multi-location orthodontic clinic, strives to provide dream smiles to all communities in need. By simply expanding our patient-care into Wisconsin, we have happily grown our ability to provide confident smiles to anyone who desires it. With this said, we are happy to announce that our newest location has officially opened at N81W15180 Suite B, Appleton Avenue, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, 53051. Come stop in to discuss your journey to a confident dream smile with our highly skilled and knowledgeable team.

Striving to be a leader in orthodontic practices, Orthodontic Experts happily provides our patients with an array of treatment options to choose from. We fully understand that every patient is unique and will therefore have their own preference on treatment methods. Due to this, we supply multiple types of braces as well as a Clear Aligner option. This, in turn, further allows our team of experts to reach into diverse areas and, thus, individuals.

To begin, our first type of braces offered is called Traditional Metal Braces. Popular among our younger patients, this affordable option glues – or bonds – stainless steel brackets to the patient’s teeth. Then, with the help of an arch wire, the patient’s teeth are moved and positioned into the desired stance. However, with each check-up appointment, the elastic bands are exchanged with new, different colored bands. In turn, a fun and engaging treatment journey comes to fruition.

Our next type of braces offered through Orthodontic Experts is called Gold Braces. Through the bonding of champagne-colored stainless steel, this option allows patients a stylish gold aesthetic. Furthermore, with the use of a lighter, champagne color, the enamel easily becomes more translucent. In turn, patients tend to have a whiter, more confident smile. Additionally, because this type is nickel free, it does provide a wonderful opportunity to anyone with a nickel sensitivity or allergy.

The final braces type, but not treatment option, is called Lingual Braces. The most expensive braces option offered, Lingual Braces are custom made to bond to the back of each individual’s teeth. This, thus, provides an invisible treatment option for those who wish to transition their smiles in private. Therefore, many young professionals happily choose one of our two Lingual options: Incognito Hidden Braces, and Harmony Invisible Lingual Braces.

Our last type of treatment option is called Clear Aligners. Another more expensive treatment option, Clear Aligners are also custom-made to easily fit an individual’s designated mouth metrics. With multiple sets of carefully constructed trays, a patient’s teeth are moved with minimal pain. Furthermore, because this option is not bonded, it allows an easier manner to eat food. However, it is recommended to immediately place the aligners back in one’s mouth upon brushing. This will help minimize any unnecessary movements.

Additionally, Orthodontic Experts strive to separate ourselves from other orthodontists by educating all patients on the why and how of treatment options.

As we do not wish for any treatment to be prolonged or restarted, we thoroughly discuss each patient’s unique treatment journey. This further helps our patients’ success rate in achieving confident dream smiles. Another manner that we believe helps separate us is our acceptance of all major insurances and Medicaid. We also create personalized payments to help make treatment an affordable reality.

Our Clinic Hours Are:

Monday 9AM – 5PM
Tuesday 9AM – 5PM
Wednesday 9AM – 5PM
Thursday 8AM – 4PM
Friday 7AM – 3PM

Orthodontic Experts offers the best in orthodontic care, providing Traditional Metal Braces, Gold Braces, and Clear Aligners. Orthodontic Experts currently has locations in Algonquin, Arlington Heights, Aurora, Chicago-Avondale, Chicago- Bucktown, Burbank, Beloit- Wisconsin, DeKalb, Glendale Heights, Harwood Heights, Hillside-Westchester, Homewood, Hales Corners- Wisconsin, Joliet, Chicago- Kedzie, Menomonee Falls- Wisconsin, Merrillville- Indiana, Mundelein, Chicago- Pilsen, Orland Park, Rockford, Skokie, and Waukegan. We are also bringing dream smiles to Mount Pleasant- Wisconsin soon.

Are you wondering which communities will achieve their dream smiles next? Remember to stay up-to-date on all things Orthodontic Experts.

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