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Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to providing you with orthodontic treatment with comfort and satisfaction. Since we believe in quality when it comes to orthodontics, all of our providers are orthodontic specialists. This means that they have spent three additional years of training solely in the field of orthodontics after dental school. Each of our dental staff is certified from American Board of Orthodontist which means we are the certified professionals that can be enough for any of your dental needs. We service anyone from kids and teens to adults but we recommend that dental care should be taken since childhood and a child must undergo a dental checkup at the age of 7 to prevent any dental issues arising during this developmental age.

orthodontist huntley
orthodontic treatment in huntley

Quality orthodontic treatment that you can trust

We employ state of the art technologies in our fully equipped dental labs where our dental experts in Algonquin near Huntley work with quality orthodontic treatment that is effective and efficient. We use all of the latest technologies including digital radiography, intraoral scanning with the iTero digital scanner and computer aided treatment planning to achieve increased treatment efficiency, aesthetics and comfort while creating spectacular smiles. Taking digital impressions of your teeth and mouth with iTero scanners ensures that you do not have to put up with gooey impressions again and again. 

We provide smiles with affordability

Our aim is to bring your smiles with confidence and convenience. There should be nothing like finances that come in between your dental problems and its treatment. Because we cherish life-long terms with our patients, so, in addition to different orthodontic treatment plans, we offer a variety of financial arrangements to help you pay for our services. Our financial plans include:

Treatment options offered at orthodontic experts near Huntley, IL

Be it is about your kid or yourself, at our orthodontic office near Huntley, we offer the treatment options for all the age groups that includes traditional metal braces, iconix braces and clear aligners treatment in Huntley:

Why should you consider Clear Aligners in Huntley?

Completely invisible – These are transparent and clear aligners that anyone could hardly notice until you tell them.

Comfortable to wear – these plastic aligners are smooth and rounded edged and do not cause any irritation or sensitivity to your mouth and tissues.

Customized – Your clear aligners fit perfectly to your size. They are specially designed after taking 3D images of your teeth and designing them in a way that it perfectly fits to your mouth bringing your teeth into the right position.

Removable – These are easily removable trays that you can take out for eating, brushing, flossing or practicing any oral hygiene.

Effectiveness – These are short-time treatments that take a year or less to show the desired results. However, the time period may vary from case to case.

Convenient – Office visits and checkups are easy, quick, and painless. Fewer appointments are required throughout your entire treatment.

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Along our affordable and flexible payment options, we offer flexible appointments for our patients with busy schedules, in their offices, with kids, in school or a social life. We offer convenient extended office hours including evenings and weekends so that you can book an appointment at any time of your convenience. Additionally, we carry an emergency phone on us at all times so that you can call us at any time in case of an emergency. Call today! (847) 658-4907. Your Algonquin orthodontist near Huntley orthodontist staff speaks the English, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Mandarin, French, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi languages so you can schedule an appointment in whatever language you want to discuss all your possible treatment options.

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