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Braces Will Put The Wow In Your Smile

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Des Plaines, IL – August 18st, 2023 – Orthodontic Experts, a multi-location of orthodontic clinics across three different states, aims to provide dream smiles to every patient that visits us. Since our clinics are so inclusive, we are easily able to service diverse patients. Thus, we happily offer three distinct types of braces options that are bound to meet your needs and deliver your confidence. Keep reading to learn more facts about braces and the different types of braces that we offer at Orthodontic Experts!

Do I need braces?

Without first receiving a no-cost consultation, we are unable to give a definitive answer. However, when you come in to discuss your treatment options, the need for braces will also be available. With the help of x-rays, our team of highly qualified doctors and clinic staff will effortlessly decide your need for braces.

When should I get braces?

Some very exciting times in a child’s life are when they lose their very first baby tooth all the way until they lose their last baby tooth. To make it even more of a happy achievement, though, this is also the time that a child becomes ready for orthodontic examinations. Furthermore, as soon as the joyous occasion of growing in that last adult tooth occurs, then the child is also ready to be examined. Then, with the help of coloring their smile, our braces seemlessly shift teeth to their desired position.

What should I expect with braces?

Just like every person is unique, each mouth is unique. This means that the timeframe for each treatment journey is a little different. However, treatment can’t last as short as six months or as long as 32 months. The average treatment plan, though, takes about 24 months.

How can I care for my braces?

Brushing and flossing are musts! By angling the toothbrush to a 45 degree angle, the bristles can reach the teeth, the gums, and around the brackets/wires with little hassle. However, if you are currently wearing rubber bands, please remember to remove them before beginning your brushing routine. After that, then the flossing routine can take place. Flossing in between the teeth, it helps prevent gum disease or cavities between the teeth. Once finished with both routines, though, always remember to inspect your mouth for any particles remaining in or around the braces. Or even better cleaning around the brackets, though, consider switching to an electric toothbrush – which can be bought at any of our locations.

How can I pick my braces colors?

One of the most fun parts of orthodontics for kids is the ability to pick out colors. Since these colors will be visible within the patient’s mouth, we recommend picking colors that the patient enjoys. As an example, you could pick your school colors or even your favorite colors! However, at Orthodontic Experts, we always give out a new “Braces Color of the Month” – so when you pick those colors, you’ll be able to earn more points through our Patient Rewards Hub!

Will braces hurt?

For the most part, braces do not hurt the patient, their teeth, their gums, or their mouths. This is why we like to remind our patients that “braces don’t have to hurt to work!” However, discomfort after certain visits is possible. Therefore, we recommend over-the-counter pain medications such as Tylenol or Advil to ease the feeling. Furthermore, we have orthodontic wax that is able to be put on the brackets to help with any discomfort on the mouth.

How often should I brush my teeth with braces?

When you have braces, it is recommended that you brush your teeth three times a day! This allows for a deep clean after each meal and before bedtime. Furthermore, flossing is just as important. Therefore, after each brushing routine is finished, the flossing routine can then begin.

Can you make braces less noticeable?

Absolutely! Orthodontic Experts understands that some people wish to achieve their dream smile with less visibility – that is why we offer Clear Aligners. Using a series of translucent trays that are molded to move a specific patient’s teeth, this option provides the least amount of visibility. Furthermore, these completely invisible aligners are easily able to pop in and out when necessary.

Are there other braces types?

Orthodontic Experts offers a variety of metal braces options. The first option is the Traditional Metal Braces. A fan-favorite amongst our younger patients, this stainless-steel option is glued – or bonded – to the front of a patient’s teeth. Then, with every appointment, they have the ability to color their smile with the help of colored elastics.

Our second option is the Gold Braces. With this option, the metal is actually a champaigne-colored stainless steel that provides the hue of that gold feeling. Furthermore, because this stainless-steel is more translucent looking than our other options, it actually allows for the enamel of the teeth to remain translucent. In turn, this, thus, results in a brighter and whiter smile. The third and final type of metal braces that we offer is called Lingual Braces. Another unnoticeable option, the Lingual Braces are actually bonded on the inside of the patient’s teeth. Since this option is hidden from normal view, it is a highly sought after amongst our young professional patients.

Am I too old to wear braces?

At Orthodontic Experts, no matter your age, we believe that everybody should be able to achieve their dream smile. Therefore, it is our belief that no one is too old for braces. As long as the patient’s gums and bone tissue are all in good health, then you are still able to find a treatment option to fit your needs.

However, we understand that some patients wish to keep their professional look while creating their confident smiles. Therefore, we offer the above mentioned Gold Braces, the behind-the-teeth Lingual Braces, and Clear Aligners.

Are there any foods or drinks that I need to stay away from while in braces?

Try to avoid hard, chewy, and/or sugary foods. This is because the hard food might snap the brackets/wires while the chewy and sugary foods might get stuck in the brackets, wires, and teeth. When the brackets and wires are broken, then emergency appointments become needed additionally, if left within the teeth and brackets, then the chewy and sugary foods can begin to decay the teeth or gums.

Will I receive any materials to help care for my braces when I get bonded?

Yes! At Orthodontic Experts, we believe that it is our duty to fully educate and prepare our patients for a successful treatment journey. That is why every patient that gets bonded at one of our locations is immediately given an Oral B bag. Inside, every patient will find their brand new toothbrush, tooth paste, Super Floss, a Proxy Brush, wax, Lip balm chapstick, Be Kind To Your Braces magnet, a Refer a Friend postcard, and even a review card to help our clinics grow and evolve in a way that is useful to our patients.

“Orthodontic Experts also sells further products to enhance any patient’s smile. This includes our iO Electric Toothbrush Kits, Water Piks, and Mouth Guards to easily care for your braces during their treatment. Furthermore, Orthodontic Experts also has orthodontic wax that you can place on the brackets to ease any mouth discomfort.”

About Us:

Orthodontic Experts offers the best in orthodontic care, providing Traditional Metal Braces, Gold Braces, and Clear Aligners. Orthodontic Experts currently has locations in Algonquin, Arlington Heights, Aurora, Chicago-Avondale, Chicago- Bucktown, Burbank, Beloit- Wisconsin, Glendale Heights, Harwood Heights, Hillside-Westchester, Homewood, Hales Corners- Wisconsin, Joliet, Chicago- Kedzie, Menomonee Falls- Wisconsin, Merrillville- Indiana, Mount Pleasant- Wisconsin, Mundelein, Chicago- Pilsen, Orland Park, Rockford, Skokie, DeKalb (Located in Sycamore), and Waukegan.

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