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Braces the Treatment That Works

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Des Plaines, Illinois- January 4th, 2024- Orthodontic Experts, a multi-location orthodontic clinic in three states, understands that there is a necessity for accessible, high-quality orthodontic treatment. Whether it is misaligned teeth, crowding/spacing of the teeth and mouth, bite issues, or poor self-esteem, braces can fix a magnitude of problems. That is why we happily offer a variety of treatments at each of our 24 locations. So, this year, receive the gift of a new smile and see why braces are the new route to go.

The first reason that braces treatment is so necessary is due to misaligned teeth and crowding/spacing issues. Known formally as Malocclusion, misaligned teeth cause many issues. First, you might find it hard to chew. Since the teeth are not in their proper positions, it is probable that your bite does not fully close when you clench your jaw. In turn, it might take you longer to fully chew your food. However, braces are an easy fix as they can realign the teeth and the bite to allow for optimal chewing with no pain.

Clear Aligners Hurts

Another common issue is speech related. You might notice that there is excess space in between your teeth. This, in turn, affects the placement of the tongue – something necessary for speech. Since the tongue touches various locations of the mouth and teeth when speaking, issues such as a whistling sound become common. With the inclusion of braces, though, they simply close the excess spacing and allow for the tongue to touch the correct parts of the teeth and mouth.

A third problem is overall facial pain or jaw disorders. With the teeth being improperly located, it is highly common for pain to arise. Likewise, if the teeth sit in the wrong space for too long, overall jaw disorders might be observed with more pain. Therefore, braces tend to be utilized to help ease the pain and draw the teeth back into a comfortable and healthy position.

A fourth and final reason that braces are the route to go is due to self-esteem issues. Since your smile is always at the forefront of every face-to-face interaction that you have, it is common to feel insecure if your smile is not up to your standards. This is where braces come in. By simply transforming your smile, you transform the way that you look at yourself.

Overall, braces are a necessary treatment to better your everyday health and lifestyle. They are versatile in combatting common issues from inside to the mouth to your overall perception of yourself. Therefore, this year, stop in at Orthodontic Experts and choose your personalized braces treatment.

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