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Des Plaines, Illinois- January 4th, 2024- Orthodontic Experts, a multi-location orthodontic clinic across three different states, has the knowledge and expertise you need to secure your new, confident smile this holiday season. With family portraits and fun gatherings all right around the corner, stop in at one of the 24 Orthodontic Experts locations to achieve your dream smile. We offer a variety of braces and clear aligner options as well as whitening services all at affordable prices – at every unique location.

At any of our clinic locations, the first step is to schedule a no-cost consultation. This is where you will meet our team of highly skilled professionals and our top-tier orthodontist. You will receive 3D scans and x-rays of your teeth completely on us. This will then help a uniquely tailored treatment plan be designed based on your needs. You will also be introduced to all four braces and aligner options. Furthermore, you can also begin to talk about our whitening services through Pola Whitening.

The first option to secure a new smile is the Traditional Metal Braces. While this option tends to be the most popular among younger patients, it is still available to all patients. With this reliable option, teeth will efficiently be straightened and positioned to create your best smile. Utilizing stainless steel, metal brackets are first bonded, or glued, to individual teeth. From there, metal wires are then placed on the brackets. However, there is an added piece of fun with Traditional Metal Braces – COLORS! Small colored elastic bands, called O-Rings, are then placed over the brackets to help hold the wires in place. Then, over time, the teeth will shift into their desired positions, revealing a wonderful smile.

The second option that will help you secure a smile to be thankful for is our Gold Braces. With this popular option, champagne-colored metal brackets are bonded to the teeth; then champagne-colored metal wires are added to the brackets to help reposition desired teeth. Also, since the metals used are not as dark in color as traditional metal, this reliable option allows for a whiter smile. The metals are lighter in color which, in turn, allows for the enamel to remain translucent. Since this method is not as noticeable as Traditional Metal Braces, it is highly sought-after with teen and young professional patients.

The third option for a new smile is with Lingual Braces. Like both Traditional and Gold Braces, Lingual Braces uses metal brackets – however, each of the brackets is uniquely designed to fit on the backs of desired teeth. In turn, the braces are next to invisible as they slowly reposition each desired tooth. However, since these brackets are custom-made to your specific needs, this option is more pricey than other options. Additionally, since these are hidden, it is another popular treatment option for our young professional patients.

The fourth and last braces option that is offered is our Clear Aligners. With Clear Aligners, teeth can be repositioned into desired placements without drawing attention to metal. Furthermore, this option can be removed when eating and partaking in everyday brushing habits. Once finished, though, it is imperative to replace the aligner trays to avoid any unwanted shifting of the teeth. Since this is another option that does not draw attention to the braces themselves, this is highly sought after by young professionals.

Finally, the last treatment offered that will have you thankful for your new smile is our whitening services. With Pola Whitening, our highly skilled team of experts follow step-by-step instructions that allow for optimal whiteness. Over 24 minutes, your teeth will start from your current color and be transformed into a shade of white that is multiple times brighter.

Overall, Orthodontic Experts offers a wide variety of treatment options that will meet your unique needs – and just in time for the holidays! Stop in today at one of our 24 convenient locations and schedule your no-cost consultation. Our knowledgeable team of experts and orthodontists are waiting to help you achieve a confident smile to be thankful for.

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Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to quality care and orthodontic excellence; we are a community committed to making a difference in our patients’ lives. We currently have twenty-four offices in the greater Chicagoland area, Wisconsin, and Indiana. This year we are on track to open additional offices! Our core Values consist of the following:

  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency


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