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Introducing Our Partner-Owner, Dr. Cleidy Arboleda

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Des Plaines, Illinois- January 4th, 2024- Orthodontic Experts, a multi-location orthodontic clinic in three states, has been transforming lives through creating smiles for 11 years now. Without a need from our amazing patients, then Orthodontic Experts would not exist. Likewise, without the continual dedication and expertise of every knowledgeable team member and doctor, Orthodontic Experts could not function. That is why we love to spread the news about our phenomenally cultured and caring community of staff. Therefore, we would love to introduce you to Dr. Cleidy Arboleda, Orthodontic Experts’ partner-owner!

Dr. Cleidy has been a wonderful orthodontic doctor at Orthodontic Experts for the past nine years. When she was first graduating from her Orthodontic Residency at University of Illinois- Chicago, she was searching for the best orthodontic opportunity in the Chicagoland area. Upon her search, one of her colleagues happily introduced her to Dr. Yaroslav Yarmolyuk (Dr. Y) – the founder and president of Orthodontic Experts.

At the time, Orthodontic Experts was still a new company, only having been around for about 2 years. Dr. Yaroslav Yarmolyuk was searching for an associate orthodontist to aid at the initial clinic location of Arlington Heights. Thankfully, he was introduced to Dr. Cleidy who happily joined the growing community of experts.

“When I started working, I knew Orthodontic Experts [would grow] and position itself as the best Orthodontic Practice in town!” – Dr. Cleidy Arboleda

board certified orthodontist cleidy arboleda

Once Dr. Cleidy officially joined the team, it became obvious to her that she was meant to be at Orthodontic Experts; her purpose aligned exactly with the company’s vision. At any given moment, she was and still is “surrounded by human beings [that] prioritize patient well-being, ethical conduct, and transparency.” For Dr. Cleidy, this aids in fostering a positive reputation within, and trust from, the community – which is one, foremost important factor of healthcare.

About seven years into Dr. Cleidy’s devotion to Orthodontic Experts, she was offered an opportunity that she could not leave behind – becoming the very first partner-owner of the company! With that newfound role, she was then able to enter a more empowering level of her career. She immediately began helping with business decisions which, in turn, directly helped the practice continuously thrive and bloom.

Through her long-term commitment to Orthodontic Experts, she has aligned her own success with the success of the overall practice. “With ownership,” she says, “comes great responsibility.” And thankfully, Dr. Cleidy continues to take this sentiment to heart. She actively demonstrates motivation and leadership for her teams in the clinics. This is because she thoroughly believes that a passionate and dedicated leader can easily inspire their team to learn and grow. She truly believes that her growth within this company is proof that all Orthodontic Experts roles have opportunities for growth.

Thankfully, Orthodontic Experts is committed to the company’s growth just as much as we are to every team member’s growth. That is why Orthodontic Experts has just revamped their Mission Statement, Vision, and Core Values. Dr. Cleidy believes that with the new mission – which emphasizes quality patient care and positive outcomes – Orthodontic Experts has reaffirmed their commitment to providing excellent orthodontic treatment. Additionally, we strive to make a positive impact in the community by creating positive change through community involvement such as providing school supply donations and youth sponsorships. With the help of the new vision, Orthodontic Experts can envision a world where patients can easily access affordable orthodontic treatment – which, in turn, Dr. Cleidy believes positively impacts the patients’ lives and self-esteem. Through top-quality technology and orthodontic equipment, we are even able to demonstrate the desired end results for our patients, therefore educating them on every step-by-step process. We have taken that a bit further by educating all community members on the positive impacts of orthodontic treatment. With the aid of our OE Trivia Game Show, we continue to educate and motivate learners of all ages to keep up with oral hygiene and orthodontic treatment. Finally, with the new core values that Dr. Cleidy believes help guide the culture and environment of Orthodontic Experts, we have aligned ourselves with providing ethical, patient-focused treatment. By demonstrating our dedication to our community of patients, we are able to foster trust within the community. In turn, this directly impacts the reception and reputation of Orthodontic Experts as a whole.

“Orthodontic Experts has always worked hard to make [a] difference, and we continue to do so. With our new mission, vision, and core values, we will keep working hard to [move] towards success.” – Dr. Cleidy Arboleda

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Orthodontic Experts is dedicated to quality care and orthodontic excellence; we are a community committed to making a difference in our patients’ lives. We currently have twenty-four offices in the greater Chicagoland area, Wisconsin, and Indiana. This year we are on track to open additional offices! Our core Values consist of the following:

  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Teamwork
  • Transparency


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