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Orthodontic Experts of Joliet near Rockdale, IL streamlines the orthodontic treatment process so that you can focus on the smile of your dreams. Our Orthodontist Rockdale, IL offers different types of braces including, traditional metal braces, Iconix Braces, and clear aligners. Our flexible treatment options and affordable financial arrangements are individually suited to your personal needs and goals. Crowding, spacing? Discomfort? Overbites, open bites, underbites? Just don’t love your smile? Or anything else? We can take care of it all.

Our Orthodontist Rockdale, IL uses the latest technology, including digital radiography, intraoral scanning with the iTero digital scanner and computer aided treatment planning to achieve increased treatment efficiency, esthetics and comfort while creating spectacular smiles.

At Orthodontic Experts we understand that your smile is a direct reflection of your unique personality. Whether you are 7 years old or 70, we strive to achieve a beautiful result that fits your style. No matter which type of treatment you choose, it’s your commitment to self-improvement that shines through!

What sets Us Apart

At Orthodontic Experts, our orthodontists and staff are friendly, efficient and highly specialized in their responsibilities. Our orthodontists Rockdale, IL are at the peaks of their profession, having a great deal of skill and experience and are fully committed to providing excellent orthodontic care and creating great relationships with patients and families.

We offer digital orthodontics and the latest innovations to help you get your best smile in the shortest time. We only use the latest technologies, like digital x-rays, and oral scanners to take molds over messy impressions.

We accept all the major insurance plans and offer zero interest financing to make smiles affordable for our patients.

We have multilingual staff that will greet with friendly smiles and make you feel at home in our comfortable office during your visits.

Rockdale Orthodontist

Orthodontists Rockdale, IL offers Treatments for All Ages

At orthodontic Exerts of Joliet near Rockdale, IL we offer excellent orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages. Whether you are 7 or 70 we got you covered. Our treatments include:

Traditional Metal Braces in Rockdale, IL

Traditional Metal Braces been the standard workhorse of orthodontic treatment for decades and continue to get smaller, less noticeable and more comfortable. You can have fun changing your braces colors at every appointment and show the world that self-improvement is always in style!

Iconix Braces in Rockdale, IL

Iconix braces are stainless steel champagne-colored braces that offer the aesthetics of rose gold. Due to the champagne color, these Braces allow for more translucency of the enamel, resulting in a more beautiful and whiter smile!

Iconix Braces are made of stainless-steel material providing durability with a light gold aesthetic coating that blends beautifully with your teeth for an understated, yet striking look.

Clear Aligners in Rockdale, IL

Orthodontic Experts offers clear aligners in Joliet near Rockdale, IL. Clear aligners a series of plastic trays that move your teeth without using braces. Using a computer aided 3D model of your mouth, Our Orthodontist Rockdale, IL designs a customized treatment plan to meet your specific orthodontic needs. A series of clear aligners are worn for approximately one week each to gradually and safely straighten your teeth over time.

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The first step toward achieving a beautiful, healthy smile is to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist in Joliet Near Rockdale, IL to have consultation and discuss all your possible treatment options and choose the best suited for you. Book a free appointment now.

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