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Get a Beautiful Smile with Invisalign in Arlington Heights

At Orthodontic Experts, our orthodontist Arlington Heights have tons of experience in straightening teeth and restoring smiles with Invisalign in Arlington Heights. If you are ready for a smile that transforms your appearance, then Invisalign in Arlington Heights is the clear choice for a naturally beautiful smile. We believe that having a confident smile can change everything.

Orthodontic Experts is one of the most experienced and successful Arlington Heights Invisalign provider with Premier Status. Combined with their experience and qualifications in all facets of orthodontic treatment, our orthodontists are uniquely placed to incorporate Invisalign in Arlington Heights as part of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan to help you get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

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What is Invisalign And How Does it Work?

Invisalign is a high-tech orthodontic treatment system which utilizes a sequence of removable clear aligners to reposition your teeth and straighten them. Invisalign in Arlington heights has become extremely popular among teenagers and adults over the recent years. It truly is the clear alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign aligners are very comfortable to wear and are soft against the sensitive gums and cheeks. Eating, brushing and flossing with Invisalign is much easier and more convenient because they are removable.

At Orthodontic Experts, we are proud to be a premier provider of Invisalign in Arlington Height and can offer our patients this treatment.

Using the latest technology, a sequence of clear aligners is created, each slightly different from the previous one. You will wear set of aligners for approximately 2 weeks at a time. Each aligner will slightly move your teeth towards the right position. After 2 weeks, you will move on to wear the next set of aligners, and so on. By the end of the treatment, your teeth would’ve moved into its correct position resulting in a beautiful new smile – all without any metal wire or metal brackets.

The Benefits of Invisalign

The problem with crocked teeth is not just an unappealing smile. Caring for misaligned and crowded teeth is more difficult and can increase your level of tooth decay and gum disease. There are many reasons Invisalign in Arlington heights is a great choice:

  • Invisalign is Aesthetics, not many people feel confident walking around with metal braces. The major benefit with Invisalign is that it’s almost invisible. People won’t notice you’re undergoing an orthodontic treatment!
  • Invisalign aligners can be removed when eating and drinking.
  • It’s easy to maintain oral hygiene with Invisalign in Arlington Heights. You can clean your teeth easily as the trays are removable, allowing greater access to all parts of your mouth.
  • Invisalign are more comfortable than braces. Traditional metal braces can cause discomfort and take more time to adapt to the feeling of metal in your mouth. Invisalign is less invasive and far more comfortable.
  • You have minimal dental visits with Invisalign because your aligners are already made, and you’ll just need to pop in for the occasional checkup.

Free Consultations at Orthodontic Experts

You don’t need a dentist’s referral to visit orthodontic Experts. We offer free Invisalign consultation which includes x-rays, digital impressions, dental pictures, and evaluation of your teeth. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive treatment plans customized for you. If you are interested in improving your smile with Invisalign in Arlington Heights, call our office at (847) 749-4340 to schedule your free consultation or you can schedule one online by using the online form!

The team at Orthodontic Experts is looking forward to seeing you!