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Choose Orthodontic Experts As Your Summer Destination!

Jump into the pool and let those braces shine!

Summer Is The Perfect Time To Get Braces!

It is finally summer and now it is time to start thinking about Orthodontic Experts. For children, summer means no school, sleeping in, and having so much time to do whatever they want. For the parent’s this means something totally different because all they want is their kids to be very productive and not only sitting on the couch watching television.

That is when signing up your children for sports comes in handy. Thinking about braces is very important at this stage of life and a great time. It’s true! By starting orthodontic treatment over the summer you will get a head start on giving your child a straighter, healthier smile without having to worry about their schedule since school is out.

One, Two, Three Smile & Show Off Your Braces!

During the summer you can take your child to see their orthodontist without throwing off anyone’s schedule. For instance, you don’t have to worry about squeezing in an appointment, so you’ll be fully relaxed and ready to ask questions you might have when you come in. Having braces in the summer before the school year starts means that the child can adjust to wearing the braces without having to worry about school.

By having your children get braces in the summer, you’re helping them start the school year with a cool new smile that everyone will love!

That is why summer is the perfect time to get braces and especially from Orthodontic Experts!

How Can Orthodontic Experts Help?

Did you know that Orthodontic Experts offers so many different options for treatment types for your children? It’s true! See the options below.

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Orthodontic Experts has over 12 locations in the entire Chicago-land area.

  • Arlington Heights
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For more information in regards to setting up an appointment with any of our offices, please call us directly at (855) 720-2470 or email us at [email protected].

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