Top Orthodontist: Braces, Invisalign

Smile with Confidence

At orthodontic Experts of Joliet near Ingalls Park, IL, our orthodontists are privileged to create hundreds of beautiful smiles. We have been creating exceptional smiles and delivering exceptional service.

We provide you with personalized treatment and care and build lasting relationships while we create beautiful smiles for you. Our orthodontist Ingalls Park, IL focus on your unique clinical needs and desired outcome, and help you find treatment solutions that are right for you and meet your requirements.

At Orthodontic Experts of Joliet, we strive to create a culture of trust and commitment. We promise to maintain the highest standards of excellence and professionalism as we believe your smile is a direct reflection of our practice. We’ve been delivering compassionate and affordable orthodontic care to the residents off Joliet, Ingalls Park, IL and other surrounding areas. We have created hundreds of amazing smiles and changed lives.


Treatments for All Ages

Our treatment is more than straightening teeth; it’s about transforming your life. At orthodontic Experts of Joliet near Ingalls Park, IL we offer orthodontic treatment for people of all ages including children, teen, adults and elderly.

Our treatment options include traditional metal braces, iconix braces, and clear aligners.

Affordable Orthodontics in Ingalls Park, IL

At Orthodontic Experts We are committed to quality work at affordable prices, transparency and open communication, making your smile transformation a happy experience.

We make smiles affordable by offering our completely customizable payment plans that will help you get your dream smile at an affordable price. We accept all major dental and orthodontic insurance plans and provide payment plans with no money down and zero interest rates for up to 60 months!

Our State-Of-The-Art Technology

At Orthodontic Experts of Joliet near Ingalls Park, IL we use the latest technology including, but not limited to, digital X-rays, paperless charts, digital intraoral scanner, digital 3D dental models, modern sterilization techniques, precise “indirect bonding” braces placement, and more! Our orthodontist Ingalls Park, IL believe that you deserve the best orthodontic care. Hence, we use the newest advancements to make your treatment more fun, efficient, and effective.

Book Your No Cost Consultation Now

At your 1st appointment we will take complementary, detailed records (3D scan, photos and x ray). Our orthodontist will create a unique, customized orthodontic treatment plan that fits your needs. We will discuss treatment options and goals, treatment length and any other concerns you may have.

We will be glad to answer any questions you may have, and we will provide all the information that you need to determine which treatment is best for you. Please give us a call or schedule your consultation at our Joliet clinic near Ingalls Park, IL.

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